Light Node

Light node is pruned at any height and supports basic functions as a node.

Steps to Run a Light Node

Please install docker before go through steps below.

Minimum Requirements

To run light node, you need to a machine with the following minimum hardware requirements:

  1. 4 or more CPU cores

  2. 8GB of memory.

  3. 700GB of NVME SSD disk

  4. 100Mbps network bandwidth

Download snapshot

Download latest snapshot for Matchain from here.

Decompress snapshot

Snapshot uses pigz to (de)compress chaindata.

pigz -dc match_testnet_height.tgz | tar xvf - -C /path/to/folder

Start light node

Currently snapshot already has configured seeds for syncing blockchain. Just change /path/to/folder to your chaindata folder.

docker run -d \
    -v /path/to/folder/data/match/.matchd:/root/.matchd \
    -p 1317:1317 -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 \
    -p 8545:8545 -p 8546:8546 -p 9090:9090 \
    --name match-node \

For checking logs of light node whether is running,

docker logs -f --tail 100 match-node

Light node is running if you can see lines like below.

0:00PM INF committed state app_hash=BAEC4E6055545B3E5B5213495472F1E536509E22269B90E037A3FDD75AA15211 duration=0.227194026 height=6041659 module=state num_txs=33 server=node
0:00PM INF committed state app_hash=D6DC3694C5E8288E25FD2F1F0F3965A9D4F76C4E4505492C6EA078CF5C73EE28 duration=0.368415256 height=6041660 module=state num_txs=85 server=node
0:00PM INF committed state app_hash=B68C6BDA12610DEE02C5F435217C10E25468E6C6EDEA3E7017D1466890B81116 duration=0.088250514 height=6041661 module=state num_txs=22 server=node

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