The MATCH Token

The denomination used for staking, governance and gas consumption on the EVM is the MATCH. The MATCH provides the utility of: securing the Proof-of-Stake chain, token used for governance proposals, distribution of fees to validator and users, and as a mean of gas for running smart contracts on the EVM.

Match uses Atto MATCH as the base denomination to maintain parity with Ethereum. There are three types of assets:

  • The native Match token

  • Ethereum-typed tokens, e.g. ERC-20

1 match = 10^18 wei

This matches Ethereum denomination of:

1 ETH = 10^18 wei

EVM Tokens

Match is compatible with ERC20 tokens and other non-fungible token standards (EIP721, EIP1155) that are natively supported by the EVM.

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